Lawn Warriors has a great selection of ground covers. See the descriptions of each kind to determine what’s right for your yard. Call 678-455-3755 for a quote on current pricing.

Bermuda grass is one of the most sun loving grasses here in Georgia. You see it in most new subdivisions and on most golf courses. It requires moderate care, maintenance and mowing. It is one of the most popular sods in Georgia because of this. Lawn Warriors lays Bermuda weekly and can generally get it year round. For the best looking Bermuda a sprinkler system and regular mowing and fertilization is recommended. Bermuda loves the sun but also thrives under lots of watering. Bermuda goes dormant during the winter months here in Georgia and turns a yellowish brown color. The green will return in the spring in May.

Fescue grass is a cool season grass but has adjusted to Georgia’s hot temperatures. Fescue is easy to seed or lay as sod and is very full looking with a tall blade. Fescues have the same components with three strong ones being tolerance to shade, the ability to stay green all year long and having a good resistance to drought. It is more expensive than Bermuda (when you buy it as sod) and can only be cut certain times of the year. The best time to reseed fescue is in the spring and fall as conditions for seed germinating (hot and cold temperatures) are best.

Zoysia grass comes from the Asian part of the world and when you look at its blade and the way it grows it definitely looks oriental. Zoysia is a beautiful grass that should be laid as sod. Zoysia loves the sun but can also handle the shade (unlike Bermuda) which makes it a very desirable grass in Georgia and expensive. Zoysia generally costs 50-75% more than Bermuda and Fescue but the results are beautiful. Zoysia does go brown and dormant when the temperatures drop below 70 but will return in the spring. Like Bermuda it is a very low maintenance grass, however regular watering and fertilization are recommended for optimum beauty.

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